Pharmacy services that can save time and money

When time and money are in short supply, you need easier ways to stay on top of your prescriptions. Humana’s pharmacy resources may save you time, save you cash, and protect your health.

Getting prescription drugs at the pharmacy

Rx tools

Keep tabs on prescriptions

From finding a pharmacy to finding possible cheaper alternatives to your prescription drugs, there are plenty of ways for you to cut costs.

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RightSource Mail-Order Pharmacy

Bring the pharmacy to you

Save gas money by ditching the drive to the drug store. With mail-order pharmacies, like Humana-owned RightSource Mail-Order Pharmacy, you can fill your prescriptions and get a three-month supply delivered right to your door.

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Mail order prescription drugs saves money
Checking drug interactions online

Drug news and alerts

Stay on top of must-know info

With the latest pharmacy-related news and updates in one place, it’s easier to stay informed.

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Understanding medications

Safeguard your health

Brush up on the basics before you fill out your prescription. Find the answers you’ve been looking for to help you understand your medications.

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Understanding the medications your doctor has prescribed
RightSource pharmacy patient receiving her order

Is mail order pharmacy right for you?

If you enjoy convenience and potential cost savings, then try a mail order pharmacy, like Humana-owned RightSource.

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