Dental Loyalty Plus in Minnesota

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Key features of the Dental Loyalty Plus plan in Minnesota

Dentist choice

Choose any dentist, in-network or out-of-network

Annual deductible

One-time deductible for as long as you stay on the plan: $150 per person up to $450 for a family

Annual benefit maximum

$1,000 in year 1, $1,250 in year 2, and $1,500 in years 3+

Routine cleaning/X-rays

Plan covers 100% for cleaning, 40-70% for X-rays

Office visits

No copay - Coverage or possible discount is based on services provided

Waiting period

None — you can start saving right away

More about Dental Loyalty Plus plan in Minnesota

With the Loyalty Plus plan, you will be rewarded with increasing benefits from years one to three with no waiting period for services. Additionally, you will have the comfort of knowing you can choose to visit the dentist you prefer and the plan will pay the same percentage of the cost. You can save even more by choosing one of the more than 130,000 dentists in the Humana Dental network by taking advantage of negotiated rates.

Keep in mind that any of our affordable dental care plans can be added to your medical plan or purchased separately. Plus, there is no underwriting, which means you will not be disqualified for pre-existing conditions.

Limitations and exclusions apply.

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