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Get a dental insurance quote from Humana

Choose a dental plan for overall well-being

It’s not just about pearly whites and fresh breath. Good oral hygiene is part of your total well-being because healthy teeth can help you maintain a healthy body.

That’s why it makes sense to explore Humana’s affordable dental plans. Humana offers a variety of coverage options designed to meet different needs. A dental insurance quote provides you with the information you need to select a plan that’s right for you and your family.

A dental insurance quote is the first step

Getting a quote is easy: just enter your ZIP code and the date of birth and gender of each person who will be covered under the plan. Humana doesn’t collect any personal information to process the quote, and you are under no obligation to purchase.

After you have completed the form and clicked on “Quote now,” you’ll see a side-by-side comparison of the dental plans available to you. You’ll be able to compare each plan’s total monthly payment requirements and review detailed information about deductibles, annual maximum payments, dentist choices and more.

The dental quote will also include information about each plan’s orthodontic care coverage and its coverage of root canals and crowns, routine checkups and simple extractions.

It’s easy to get a quote

Also, just about everyone can save some costs when combining dental and vision plans.

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