Health Assesment

Humana Health Assessment

A simple wellness program can make all the difference — lowering your chances for heart disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions.

The first step is knowing where you stand now and how you can improve.

Why take the assessment?

Take the Humana Health Assessment (HHA), a brief online questionnaire about your medical history and current lifestyle.

With the HHA, you'll get a report with steps you can take to improve your health.

Be assured that your personal health information won't have an impact on your benefits coverage or rates.

You don't have to be a Humana member to take the assessment—just select "DEMO" from the drop-down box labeled "Employer."

Take the Assessment

Already a Humana Member? Get An Online Personal Health Checkup.

Humana's Health Assessment is quick and painless. And, best of all, it delivers information you can use right away.

The Health Assessment is not available to members who have a Medicare plan.

Know more, feel better

Why take the Health Assessment? More knowledge about your health gives you power. You may discover some easy ways to get or stay healthy. Many times, making small lifestyle changes can mean better health today—and in the future.

How the assessment works

Answer some basic questions to get a confidential health profile tailored just for you. Your personal report comes with recommendations for improving your health that you can share with your doctor. It'll get you thinking about how to enhance and maintain your health, as well.

How to get started
  • Log in to MyHumana—if you haven't registered for MyHumana, you'll need to do that first
  • Click on "Health & Wellness" then select "Health Assessment"
  • If your Internet browser is set up to block pop-up windows, please disable the blocker before you start
  • Answer the questions in the Health Assessment

Take the Health Assessment now

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