Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs

Our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) empower you to find the proper work-life balance. If you have Humana coverage, your employer may offer an EAP, also known as a Work-Life program.

Key features of our EAP

The EAP is a confidential resource to help you address issues that create stress and occupy your time and attention, like depression and anxiety, personal and family matters, and alcohol and chemical dependency. Additional EAP services include adoption assistance, childcare referrals, eldercare consultation, and financial consultation

EAP details

Humana Specialty Benefits offers the following EAP/Work-Life programs. Check with your employer to find out if these services are available to you.

EAP/Work-Life - Telephone Support
  • Unlimited telephone assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Follow-up on counseling sessions
  • Additional tools, including a comprehensive Website and webinars

EAP/Work-Life - Multiple Face-to-Face Sessions

  • All components of the telephone support program, plus
  • Face-to-face assessment and referral sessions — as many as three sessions per unique issue per year
  • or
  • Face-to-face short-term counseling — as many as six sessions per unique issue per year

The number of sessions may vary by location or employer offering. Check with your employer to find out how many sessions are included in your plan.

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