Enrollment Guide

Online Enrollment Tips

Most employer groups enroll using print applications. But, if your employer has announced an online enrollment for this year, review the enrollment information in this section, then return here and click on "Enroll Now" to start choosing your benefits.

To access the Online Enrollment Center, use the link and the ID your employer gave you. If you don't have an ID – but your group is scheduled to enroll online – use your Social Security number.

Here's an overview of how to enroll online:

Review Plan Information

Check Your Computer

To enroll online, you'll need:

  • Internet access – Internet access and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Firefox 3.0 or higher
  • Disabled pop-up blockers – There'll be details on how to do this in the Online Enrollment Center
  • About an hour, on average – If you can't complete enrollment in one sitting, then save your information and come back later to finish
  • Basic information about yourself – Social Security number, date of birth, and home ZIP code

Enroll In Humana Group Health Insurance Online

Humana's online enrollment experience is quick and easy. Here's what to expect:

  • Log in – Use your MyHumana user ID and password – or your Social Security number, birth date, and ZIP code – to log into the Enrollment Center. A personalized welcome page provides options depending on what benefits you're eligible to enroll in.
  • Your information pages – You can review your address, other personal information, and your dependents.
  • Decision-making tools – "Closest to My Current Plan" provides you a detailed comparison of plans to your current Humana plan, if you're already a Humana member. "Detailed Comparison" provides a review of up to three plans. "My Estimated Expenses" helps you answer some financial questions. "My Current Plan" reminds Humana members about their current coverage details. "Types of Medical Plans" explains how different kinds of plans compare with each other.
  • Spending account help – If you're eligible for a spending account, you can click on a calculator to help you estimate your expenses.
  • Glossary – Lets you look up unfamiliar terms.

You'll have multiple chances to change your mind. Each section has buttons to let you go back and make changes. This includes the final step – the Enrollment Cart – where you can still make changes if you want.

Your final confirmation page gives you the opportunity to sign up for MyHumana, your secure Website that provides all the information you need to know throughout the year about your benefits.

Open enrollment?

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