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Group health insurance enrollment center

Get tips and use Humana's online tools to enroll in an employer group plan. Use Enrollment Resources for questions you may have concerning your insurance enrollment, as well as what life changing events qualify you to change your health insurance status.

Enrolling in a group health insurance plan

Enroll online

Log in to Humana's Enrollment Center and get tips on enrolling online.

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Enrollment Guide

Before you enroll

This guide shows what to do before making your decision.

Life-changing events

Before you enroll

Discover what qualifies you for a change in your insurance status.

A healthy family is a happy family
A family celebrating a birthday and good health

Pre-Enrollment Disclosures

Before you enroll

Review a description of plan provisions that may affect your coverage.

Financial Planners

Before you enroll

Use these tools to estimate your potential costs.

Understanding health plan options
Talk to your doctor about your health

Enrollment FAQs

Before you enroll

Review our frequently asked questions.

Yoga class

Try yoga for more life balance

Check out the different styles of yoga and find the one that fits you best.

Read about yoga’s benefits
Working out with a personal trainer

Stay motivated to stay active

Tempted to skip your workouts? Get tips to help you stay on track.

Read about sticking to an exercise plan
Look up healthcare and health plan terms

Look up healthcare and health plan terms

From abrasion to X-ray, the Humana glossary offers explanations for common insurance and medical terms.

Browse our healthcare glossary