Manage your medications for lower costs and better health

If you’re looking for an easier way to stay on top of your prescriptions, you’re in the right place. These shortcuts can save you time and money — and safeguard your health, too.

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Prescription drug plans

Rx tools

Keep tabs on prescriptions

From finding a pharmacy to finding lower-cost options for medications, there are plenty of ways for you to get more out of your drug plan.

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RightSource Mail-Order Rx

Try this time-saver

Ditch the drive to the drugstore every time you need to refill a medicine you take all the time. With RightSource®, you can save time — and you may save money by getting up to a three-month supply mailed right to your home.

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Home delivery of prescription drugs
Talk to your pharmacist about your prescription drugs

Drug news and alerts

Stay on top of must-know info

With the latest news and updates on events in the medication market all in one place, it’s simple to stay informed and get the most from your medications.

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Understanding medications

Prevent serious side effects

Knowing how prescription drugs work is key to getting fast relief. Also important? Discovering which medications are a better value for your money.

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Writing a prescription

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Understand how to read prescriptions to take medication correctly without confusion

Stay on top of your prescriptions

Prescription medications won’t work safely or effectively unless they’re taken properly. But doing so doesn’t have to be confusing.

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