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Find time- and money-saving tools for whatever you need — from controlling your cash flow to finding the nearest drugstore.

Humana drug list

Check your drug coverage. Go online or download a printable list to stay informed.

    • Find a specific drug — and its alternatives
    • Compare prices at different stores
    • Sign up for home-delivery service if you’re on special meds

Find a pharmacy

Filling out prescriptions in an in-network drugstore can save you money — and maybe even time. With thousands of network pharmacies, there is bound to be one close to your work or home.

    • Over 60,000 in-network pharmacies to choose from
    • Print out easy-to-follow directions and maps
    • Find different types of pharmacies

Maximize your pharmacy benefit

Did you know that there are more options for paying less for medications than ever before?

    • Explore lower-cost medication options
    • Compare prescription drug prices
    • Get started with mail-order

RxMentor program

Wish you had a pro to give you the straight scoop on prescriptions? Get one-on-one time with a pharmacist, so you can make better choices about your prescriptions.

    • Get info on cheaper alternatives
    • Find out how to prevent accidental dosages
    • Understand how your medications work together

Prior authorization

Some prescription drugs need to get the green light before your plan covers them. Filing a request isn’t hard. You can do it online or get your doctor to do it for you.

    • Get a list of the drugs that are covered
    • Fill out the forms online or on paper
    • Find out how to appeal if a request is denied

Electronic prescribing

Is your doctor still writing out your prescriptions? Going paperless has perks, plus it helps you and your doctor track your medications more efficiently.

    • Find doctors and pharmacies who already use this system
    • Check out the perks of electronic prescriptions

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