Electronic prescribing

For ease in submitting prescriptions, encourage your doctor to make the switch from paper to electronic prescriptions.

What is electronic prescribing?

Electronic prescribing (also known as e-prescribing) simply means your prescription is sent directly to the pharmacy from your doctor's office through a secure electronic device. This allows the doctor to talk directly to the pharmacy and you do not need to worry about taking the paper prescription to the pharmacy.

Which doctors and pharmacies are able to receive electronic prescriptions?

Find e-prescribing doctors: Visit the Surescripts website to see if your doctor electronically prescribes.

Find e-prescribing pharmacies: Visit the Surescripts website to see if your pharmacy accepts electronic prescriptions.

Why should your physician use electronic prescribing?

This service offers your doctor specific benefit, medication, health and personal information to ensure your doctor is able to prescribe the right medicine for you. They can pull up your prescription benefit information, access specific drug information, and electronically track any problems you may have with certain medicines.

Find out more on the Surescripts website

Another neat feature of e-prescribing is that your doctor can be notified by the pharmacy if your prescription needs to be renewed. This allows you to get your medicines when you need them most.

More e-prescribing benefits

Your doctor can use their office computer or other hand-held e-prescribing system to securely send a prescription directly to your pharmacy of choice.

  • Considering prescriptions are sometimes hard to read, electronic messages will help the pharmacist receive correct information without having to call the doctor.
  • This service allows your doctor to locate the lowest-cost medicine when prescribing you a new prescription.
  • RightSource Mail-Order Rx, Humana's prescription home-delivery service, is included in e-prescribing so your doctor can send over new prescriptions without having to fax a request.
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