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Staying on top of need-to-know prescription information can save you money. But it can also save your life — or the life of someone you love. Take charge of your medications with Humana’s easy-to-use tools.

Over-the-counter drugs

Sometimes it’s possible to swap your prescription for an over-the-counter drug, a great way to put more cash in your pocket.

    • Find discounts and coupons
    • See how you can save on cold, allergy, and heartburn medications

Maximize your pharmacy benefit

Staying healthy is important — and so is saving money. At Humana, we’re committed to offering you ways to do both

    • Explore lower-cost medication options
    • Compare prescription drug prices
    • Get started with mail-order

Drug interactions

Prevent medical mix-ups. Find tips for avoiding serious side effects and overdosing with your prescription drugs.

    • See if your prescription requires special instructions
    • Find out which foods counteract the drugs you take
    • Discover how to combine medications safely

Drug dictionary

Learn about side effects, storage, dosages, and more.

    • Search by name or by a condition
    • See what happens if you miss a dose
    • Find drug-dosage how-tos

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