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Dental PPO Plan overview

Our Dental PPO is a coinsurance-based plan that offers higher coverage in-network than out-of-network, with the best savings received from in-network providers. When you have the Dental PPO plan, our in-network dentists provide dental services at a reduced rate. You’ll have higher out-of-pocket costs for services received from out-of-network dentists.

How it works

Choose savings and flexibility

With the Dental PPO plan, you have the flexibility of choosing to go to any dentist. However, to get the maximum benefits at the lowest cost, visit an in-network dentist. If your dentist isn't in the network, you may still receive benefits, but you'll pay higher out-of-pocket costs for the dental services.

Here's an overview of what this plan covers. Deductibles and coverage amounts vary by plan. To see your specific plan benefit details, sign in to MyHumana.

  • Preventive services – Oral examinations, X-rays, cleanings, topical fluoride treatment (through age 14, one per calendar year), and sealants (through age 14)
  • Basic services – Space maintainers (through age 14), emergency care for pain relief, extractions, fillings (amalgams, composite for anterior teeth), and prefabricated stainless steel crowns
  • Major services – Crowns, inlays and onlays, bridgework, dentures, denture relines and rebases, denture repair and adjustments, complete oral surgery, periodontics (gum therapy), and endodontics (root canals)

In addition, your employer's plan may include optional benefits. Here's an overview of all possible options:

  • No deductible for preventive services
  • Complete oral surgery as a basic service
  • An extended annual maximum providing 30% coinsurance on services beyond the annual maximum
  • Periodontics/endodontics as a basic service
  • Composite fillings for molars as a basic service
  • Implants as a major service; there's a $1,500 maximum implant benefit and implants are subject to the annual maximum
  • Coverage for child orthodontia only or adult and child orthodontia

Members may contact their participating provider to determine if any discounts are available on non-covered services.

Be sure to review your plan certificate for important plan information such as deductibles or required waiting periods.

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