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Group Medicare plans

Choose a plan that works for

you and your wallet

We can help you understand the choices within your plans to get the most value from your coverage. Since retiree plans vary widely, it’s important to know what benefits your plan provides, how your plan works, and if and how it coordinates with Medicare.

Group Medicare Advantage plans

Humana Medicare Advantage plans give Medicare-eligible retirees all the benefits of Original Medicare, plus additional features and benefits, such as wellness programs and case management services.

  • Options include Health Maintenance (HMO) and local and regional Preferred Provider Organization(PPO)
  • Some plans include prescription drug coverage

Medicare Employer Prescription Drug plans

Our prescription drug plan (PDP) options help protect you from high out-of-pocket costs. Plus Humana support helps you understand your plan and how to save money.

  • Options range from basic to enhanced coverage
  • All plans include the minimum coverage required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
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Lower your chances of getting a severe flu

Lower your chances of getting a severe flu

Schedule your appointment to get your flu shot early! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest a flu shot for people 65 years and older with a long-term health condition like diabetes, heart and lung disease.

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