Humana Medicare Advantage plans

add more to your Medicare

A Medicare Advantage plan is a health plan option that’s approved by Medicare, and part of the Medicare program, but run by a private company. Simply show your Humana ID card each time you receive care and pay your copayment or coinsurance (your share of the cost of treatment). You’ll have almost no paperwork.

If you're eligible for a Humana Medicare Advantage plan through a former employer or union, Humana offers two types of plans. They include all the benefits of Original Medicare, plus additional features and benefits. Your employer or union chooses which one(s) are available to you.

Your former employer or union decides how and when you enroll. You need to enroll in Original Medicare and be issued a Medicare Claim Number before you can complete your Humana enrollment form. You’ll continue to pay your monthly premium for Medicare Part B in addition to your contribution for the Medicare Advantage plan.

Humana Medicare Advantage Employer PPO

This plan lets you get covered services from any provider that accepts Medicare assignment. But you may pay less when you use in-network providers. Your specific coverage may vary.
  • Choose which doctors, specialists, and hospitals you visit
  • Lower your costs when you use network providers
  • Simplify your budget with predictable copayments and coinsurance
  • Pay nothing for most annual screenings

Humana Medicare Advantage Employer HMO

With this plan, you work one-on-one with a network primary care physician (PCP). Specialists and facilities may require referrals from your PCP. Out-of-pocket costs are lower than with other types of plans.
  • Receive all routine care from network providers
  • Simplify your budget with predictable out-of-pocket costs
  • Pay nothing for most annual screenings
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Understand the ABCs of Medicare

Understand the ABCs of Medicare

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