Control costs with our Vision Care Plan

Pay one low price for an annual eye exam. Then enjoy savings on glasses or contact lenses. Be sure to review your plan certificate for important plan information such as deductibles or required waiting periods.

VCP Plan

This plan gives you a comprehensive eye health exam every year for a low copayment. You’ll also get savings on eyewear. You can use either in-network or out-of-network providers, but staying in-network saves you money.

    • Never pay full retail prices
    • Receive benefits for glasses or contact lenses
    • Choose any provider

Exam Plus Plan

This plan includes an annual comprehensive eye examination for a $10 copayment. You’ll also receive discounts on eyewear.

    • Use network providers only
    • Get discounts on frames and other services
    • Save on LASIK and PRK procedures too
Get tips to protect eye sight and take better care of your family member's vision

See well to live well

Discover how to care for your eyesight and your family’s, too.

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Find a provider

Find a vision provider in your area.

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Can regular eye exams really help keep me healthier overall?

Absolutely! Our healthcare video explains why.

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