Exam Plus

Exam Plus

Plan overview

The Exam Plus plan is just what it says it is: an exam, plus discounts on other services. This plan offers an annual comprehensive eye exam for a $10 copayment, and discounts on frames and other services. These benefits are available with VCP network providers only. And as a plan member, you can get discounts on LASIK and PRK procedures from participating independent laser centers.

How it works

Vision care that goes the extra mile

The Exam Plus plan is designed to help you take good care of your vision health. With this plan, you get an eye exam once a year for just $10. If you need glasses or laser vision correction, you can take advantage of discounts with network providers.

Here's an overview of the Exam Plus plan's benefits. These benefits are available with network providers only. To see your specific plan benefit details, sign in to MyHumana.

  • Eye exam – You pay a $10 copayment for an eye exam.
  • Glasses – You pay 80% of the retail price for frames. You pay 80% of the retail price for single, bifocal or trifocal lenses.
  • Contacts – You pay 85% of the retail price for professional services (evaluation and fitting fee).

In addition, you can take advantage of either:

  • A 10% discount from participating independent laser centers
  • LASIK services performed by a TLC provider for a fixed discounted price

Here's how the plan works with network providers:

  1. Find a VCP Provider.
  2. When you schedule your appointment, let the provider's office know you have a Vision Care Plan through Humana. Provide your name, the patient's name, and the name of your employer.
  3. At your appointment, sign your provider's VCP form and pay your exam copayment, plus your share of the cost for any other items or services you receive.
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