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Cancer Coverage


Earlier diagnosis and improvements in treatment have allowed the number of people surviving cancer to increase steadily over the past two decades, according to the National Cancer Institute.* The challenge is paying to fight this costly battle. The expenses associated with cancer treatment, plus ancillary costs, can seem overwhelming to you — and your family — even if you have health benefits.

How it works

Benefits of cancer coverage

Depending on the policy selected, cancer coverage provides payments that can be used to:

  • Support treatments critical to short- and long-term care
  • Protect assets after the diagnosis

Coverage also offers peace of mind when specialized healthcare, which may not be covered by other health insurance plans, is needed.

Cancer policy benefits can be paid through a lump sum or an annually restorable policy to help pay a variety of expenses associated with cancer care, including:

  • Out-of-pocket medical costs
  • Home healthcare
  • Travel to treatment facilities
  • Training and rehabilitation
  • Loss of income
  • Child care

Benefit options include:

  • Humana Critical Illness/Cancer – Represents a broad umbrella of benefit plans that can be segmented to include coverage for heart/stroke, cancer, and other critical illnesses
  • Humana Cancer Expense (Cancer Plus) – Annually restorable, expense reimbursement plan with optional lump-sum rider available
  • Humana Cancer Lump Sum 10-50 (Cash Cancer Plus) – One-time cash payment at diagnosis of cancer, and offers an additional rider to refund premiums if no claims are made after 20 years
Plan tools

Plan tools

If you have employee-paid cancer coverage from Humana, take advantage of these resources.

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Know you’re covered when you need it most

If the diagnosis is cancer, your fight — and not finances — needs to be your focus.

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