Learning Center Make sense of today's healthcare landscape

Become a more powerful consumer with a little help from Humana. Gain an understanding of healthcare reform, including what is coming and when. Understand how insurance works and why a focus on well-being is the way to go.

Fresh air and exercise is good for health

You, only healthier

Start living well today with a personal page that let's you set new goals, chart your progress, and manage your health care.

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Fruits and vegetables at a young age

Healthcare For You Guide

A new tool from Humana.com designed to help visitors more easily understand what Health Care Reform actually means, as well as to help in selecting the best health insurance plan for their specific needs.

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Healthcare Reform

A timeline and summary of changes to the healthcare system

The Affordable Care Act, which most people know as Healthcare Reform, is vast and detailed. Humana wants to help you make sense of the changes that will affect you, your family, and your business.

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Discussing family health coverage
Eating healthy begins at a young age

Health & well-being

The path to wellness

Learn about healthy living and healthy choices.

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Insurance 101

Get the basics of how insurance works

When it comes to finding the best insurance plan for you, knowledge is power. This quick and easy overview can help you get the most from your plan.

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Browsing online for information on healthcare coverage
Contacting Humana regarding insurance questions

Healthcare glossary

The ABCs of healthcare

Don't know a deductible from a premium? Learn the lingo with this handy glossary.

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Benefits of becoming a caregiver for healthy, happy  life with reduced stress levels

Lead a happier, healthier life as a caregiver

Make time for yourself and lessen the stress even when you’re caring for someone else.

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Find out How Medicare Works

Partner with Humana to understand your Medicare options.

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A commitment to innovation that benefits customers

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