Caregiving Corner

Trip tips: Traveling with an older loved one

Take a road trip or vacation with your loved one. This can be a chance for each of you to reconnect with family or friends. Plus, a change of scenery can do a world of good. Planning ahead can make for an easier, more enjoyable experience for all.

Schedule a checkup

Make sure the doctor clears your loved one for travel, particularly if there’s a health condition with special needs. Ask how health issues could affect plans (especially if traveling out of the country), any needed vaccines and more.

Have a great flight

Your loved one may not have the energy for multiple flight connections or early morning or late night flights. Here are a few suggestions to make the trip easier:

  • Book a nonstop flight — it can shorten travel time * Fly in the mid-morning or early afternoon to arrive fresh
  • If your loved one is nervous about flying, ask the doctor about medications that may help
  • For help with a wheelchair, special seating or early boarding, ask for an airport staff escort

Consider applying to TSA PreCheck to avoid security check-in lines

Claudia Fine LCSW, MPH, CMC, CCM Humana At HomeSM caregiving expert and geriatric care leader for 30-plus years. Read more of Claudia’s tips at