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Healthcare Glossary

Key healthcare terms


Family deductible
Deductible that may be satisfied by the combined expenses of all covered family members.
Fee schedule
This is a list of the charges for specific services that a provider agrees to.
Material used to fill a cavity in a tooth, the substance may be gold, silver amalgam, copper amalgam, acrylic resins, porcelain or cement.
Final claims deadline
For spending accounts, this is the last date a claim can be filed and still be reimbursed out of your spending account.
Fixed appliances
These are appliances that are cemented or bonded to teeth.
Fixed partial denture
An artificial device that replaces one or more missing teeth, a fixed partial denture is cemented or otherwise attached to abutment teeth or implant replacements.
Flexible Spending Account
An employer-sponsored spending account that allows subscribers to contribute, on a pre-tax basis through paycheck deduction, to a Healthcare FSA or Dependent Care FSA. As you incur eligible expenses, outlined by the IRS, you may request reimbursement from the FSA. Any reimbursements you receive from these accounts remain tax-free when they are paid to you.
Flexible Spending Account - dependent care
An employer-sponsored spending account that allows subscribers to contribute funds on a pre-tax basis through paycheck deduction. Employees can use a Dependent Care FSA to pay for IRS-approved dependent care services, such as child day care, adoption-related costs, and adult care.
Flexible Spending Account – healthcare
An employer-sponsored spending account that allows subscribers to contribute funds on a pre-tax basis through paycheck deduction. Employees can use a Healthcare FSA to pay for qualified medical expenses not covered under the health plan.
Fluoride is a chemical solution or gel hat you place on your teeth to help prevent decay.
Foreign Identification Number (FIN)
A permanent identification number assigned to a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) beneficiary by the appropriate national embassy. The number resembles a Social Security Number and most often starts with 6 or 9. TRICARE will not issue an authorization for treatment or services to NATO beneficiaries without a valid FIN.
Medication may be administered in a variety of forms that include as a tablet or oral liquid.
The formulary is a list of medications your plan covers (also known as a drug list). Humana's Medicare Drug List shows which drugs are covered and which drug tier they are in — Preferred Generic, Preferred Brand, Non-Preferred Brand, or Specialty. See the definition for drug tier.
Freestanding radiology facility
Usually housed within a building separate from a hospital or operating independently of a hospital, freestanding radiology facilities provide imaging studies that are used to help detect or diagnose a medical condition. Tests administered at these healthcare facilities may include scans such as MRI, CAT, and PET, as well as ultrasound and X-ray studies. Test results are interpreted by board-certified radiologists and reported to the referring physician.
This refers to the surgical cutting of the frenum
The piece of pink-colored skin that attaches your lips, cheeks, and tongue to your mouth is the frenum.
See “Flexible Spending Account.”
FSA grace period
Time when you can still incur expenses and pay for them with any remaining dollars from your previous plan year. This feature is not available to all; check with your employer.
Full-mouth X-rays
An entire set of X-rays, usually consisting of 14-22 films, full mouth X-rays display the anatomical crowns and roots of all the teeth and the bone around them.