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Healthcare Glossary

Key healthcare terms


General anesthesia
General anesthesia produces a controlled state of unconsciousness, accompanied by a partial or complete loss of reflexes.
General anesthetic
This drug causes loss of feeling, generally, or renders the patient unconscious.
Generic prescription drugs
Generic drugs use the chemical name of the drug and are less expensive than brand-name drugs. They're chemically identical to their name-brand counterparts and meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for safety, purity, and effectiveness.
Gum tissue surrounding the teeth and covering the bone of the upper and lower jaws is called gingiva.
This refers to the cutting away of loose, infected, and diseased gum tissue.
Inflammation of the gums without loss of connective tissue is called gingivitis.
This surgical procedure reshapes the gums.
Grace period
A specified period following the date a premium payment is due is called a grace period.
A grievance is a complaint about the manner of service provided by a healthcare provider. For example, you may file a grievance when a facility you visited was not clean, staff at a facility behaved unprofessionally, or there was a problem related the operating hours. A complaint about a treatment or coverage decision should be filed as an appeal. See the definition for appeal.
Grievance procedure
Through this procedure, a member of a plan or a provider of benefits may express complaints and receive a response.
Used interchangeably with employer, group benefits administrator, and contract holder.
Group certificate
This document shows the benefits provided under the group contract.
Group ID
Number assigned to each case or group when Humana receives the application, this ID identifies the group in Humana’s computer system and remains with the account permanently.
Guaranteed insurability
This is an option that enables you to buy additional life insurance without being required to provide evidence of insurability.
Guaranteed issue amount
This provision allows a certain amount of insurance to be issued without evidence of insurability.