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Qualified amount
For a spending account, this is the amount you can be reimbursed for from the account, based on plan or IRS rules.
Qualified expense
For a spending account, this is the amount of a service that is reimbursable from your account based on IRS rules and your plan.
Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB)
QMB is a Medicaid program for people who need help paying for Medicare services. To be a beneficiary you must have Medicare Part A and limited income and resources. If you qualify, the Medicaid program pays Medicare Part A premiums, Part B premiums, and Medicare deductibles and coinsurance amounts for your Medicare services.
Quality assessment
This is the measure of the quality of care.
Quality assurance
This is an assessment of the quality of care and any necessary changes that must be made to either maintain or improve the quality of care.
This refers to the amount of a drug your doctor prescribes (for example, 30 tablets).
Quantity limit
Based on recommendations from the FDA, quantity limits may be set by Humana for some medications. This means you will not be able to receive more than a specified quantity of that drug within any single month.