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Another term for an X-ray.
Renewing approval of a provider as a participant in the benefit plan is called re-credentialing.
Reference number
This nine-digit number is assigned by Humana and serves as a confirmation number for a document that has been received.
This is a written OK from your primary care physician for you to see a specialist or to receive certain services.
Reimbursement is payment made by a third party to a subscriber or provider for expenses associated with services or materials.
Renewal is the process of continuing coverage under a policy beyond its original term with the insurer's acceptance of a premium for a new policy term.
Respite care
This is temporary or periodic care provided in a nursing home, assisted living residence, or other type of long-term care program that allows the usual caregiver to take a break.
Retail pharmacy
A licensed pharmacy where you can purchase a covered Part D drug without being required to receive medical services from a provider affiliated with that pharmacy. Mail-order pharmacies are separate from retail pharmacies.
Return to work
This is the industry-standard term for 1) the actual resumption of work by an injured employee, or 2) the process of returning an injured employee to the work setting.
A provision attached to a policy that adds or restricts benefits is a rider.
Room and board
All the services a facility provides on its own behalf are considered part of room and board. These might include use of a room, meals, and general non-medical services you might need as an inpatient.