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Healthcare Glossary

Key healthcare terms


Another term for an X-ray.
This refers to replacing the denture base.
This is the gradual drawing away of tissue from its normal position; for example, the recession of the gum away from the tooth.
Renewing approval of a provider as a participant in the benefit plan is called re-credentialing.
Reference number
This nine-digit number is assigned by Humana and serves as a confirmation number for a document that has been received.
This is a written OK from your primary care physician for you to see a specialist or to receive certain services.
Regional anesthesia
See Local Anesthesia.
Reimbursement is payment made by a third party to a subscriber or provider for expenses associated with services or materials.
Resurfacing the side of a denture to make it fit more securely is known as relining.
Removable appliance
This refers to a space maintenance or orthodontic devices that you can remove.
Removable partial denture
Unlike permanent dentures, you can take out this artificial device, which replaces one or more missing teeth.
Renewal is the process of continuing coverage under a policy beyond its original term with the insurer's acceptance of a premium for a new policy term.
Organic materials, resin is usually named according to chemical composition, physical structure or means of curing. It is frequently referred to as plastic.
Respite care
This is temporary or periodic care provided in a nursing home, assisted living residence, or other type of long-term care program that allows the usual caregiver to take a break.
Retail pharmacy
A licensed pharmacy where you can purchase a covered Part D drug without being required to receive medical services from a provider affiliated with that pharmacy. Mail-order pharmacies are separate from retail pharmacies.
Retainer (dental)
Appliance to prevent collapse of the dental arch.
Return to work
This is the industry-standard term for 1) the actual resumption of work by an injured employee, or 2) the process of returning an injured employee to the work setting.
A provision attached to a policy that adds or restricts benefits is a rider.
Room and board
All the services a facility provides on its own behalf are considered part of room and board. These might include use of a room, meals, and general non-medical services you might need as an inpatient.
Root canal therapy (endodontic therapy)
This treatment for a tooth with damaged pulp usually consists of removing the pulp chamber and root canals, and filling these spaces with inert sealing material.
Root planing
Smoothing of roughened root surfaces with scalers and dental instruments is root planing.