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This person identifies and calculates the risk of loss from policyholders, establish premium rates, and write policies to cover the risks.
This term is used in dental care to mean something has not come through the gums.
Involves only one side.
Urgent care center
Urgent care — also called walk-in — centers provide a good medical and financial alternative when you can't see your regular doctor and your illness or injury is relatively minor. Urgent care centers have shorter waits, don't require an appointment, are open evenings and weekends, and cost less than an emergency room.
Urgently needed care
This is care you receive for a sudden illness or injury that, while not life threatening, requires immediate medical attention. This care should be provided by your primary care physician unless you are out of the service area.
Usual and customary
Establishing a maximum amount to pay for a specific procedure.
Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR)
UCR refer to the commonly charged fees for services within a geographic area.