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Valid receipts
For a spending account, a valid receipt must show what the charge is for AND when you incurred the charge. Examples an itemized receipt, bill, or invoice; an EOB; or a written statement from a third party. Receipts that are NOT valid include copies of cancelled checks or statements showing only a balance forward or a total charge.
Value-added services
Extra services you get through a Medicare Advantage or Medicare prescription drug plan in addition to your plan benefits are considered value-added services.
In the construction of crowns or bridges, this is a layer of tooth-colored material.
Veneer crown
A full crown, which has one or more surfaces, covered by tooth-colored plastic or porcelain.
Voluntary life insurance
Insurance for which the employee pays the entire monthly premium based on the group's characteristics is voluntary life insurance.
Voluntary plan
Insurance plan that employers can offer at no cost to their business. Employees like the simplicity and convenience of having their premiums deducted directly from their paychecks.
Voluntary plans
A comprehensive dental insurance plan that employers can offer at no cost to their business is known as a voluntary plan.