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Health and Well-Being

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Zika virus awareness: Stay current on the facts

​It’s mosquito season. Stay informed on developments related to this mosquito-borne virus.

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Healthy smiles begin with better oral health
Healthy Living

Flossing makes a difference

When your dentist tells you to floss once a day, he’s not just making conversation. He’s giving you an important health tip because this between-the-teeth cleaning can reduce your risk of serious health conditions and leave your pearly whites sparkling.

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Wellness and Prevention

Being active can prevent falls

Activities like walking and weight training* can improve your balance and strength, helping to keep you from tripping or falling.

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Portion control can help with weight loss
Diet & Nutrition

Eat right for weight loss

Everyone’s looking for a weight–loss magic bullet, but the true way to trim down is to control your calories.

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Calculate financial health
Financial Health

Give your budget a check up

Follow these seven steps to increase your savings and make your money go further.

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Running on a treadmill for good health
Fitness & Exercise

8 tips to help you stay on track

Exercise is one of the best ways to protect your health. But how do you stick with a plan?

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Using an inhaler
Healthy Conditions

The link between asthma and diabetes

Seemingly unrelated illnesses can actually go hand in hand. Learn what asthma and diabetes are and how they might be linked.

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Tracking medications with a pill box
Medications & Prescriptions

Medication 101

If you have questions, concerns or issues with your medications, you’re not alone. Get tips for taking, paying for and refilling your prescriptions.

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Reviewing a booklet on how to cope with stress
Mental Health

Coping with stress

Finding support and knowing how to use that support can help you navigate life’s the rocky patches.

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Healthcare glossary

Find medical and insurance terms.

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Doctor Smiling with Patient

Understanding Medical Radiation

Did you know common medical tests such as X-rays and CT scans use radiation? Learn about the long-term effects of radiation on the body, and how to minimize your risk.

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Insurance 101

Insurance 101

Learn the basics of insurance to get started on the right path.

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