Make this your year to get healthier and happier!

Feet in the rocky ocean

This summer, make a splash! Join Weight Watchers® and gain the confidence and inner strength you need to jump into a season of health and joy, and to move toward your vision of the ideal you.

What’s your lifestyle goal? Maybe it’s taking the next step toward meeting that New Year’s resolution. Maybe it’s getting more steps in. Maybe it’s just feeling better.

See if you qualify for six months free membership in Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers works

With Weight Watchers, you can learn how to lose weight while enjoying the foods you love.  You’ll get support every step of the way from Leaders who have lost weight with Weight Watchers, or through 24/7 Expert Chat and a full suite of digital tools. And, with Weight Watchers meetings, you can lose 8x more weight than people who try to lose weight on their own.*

How to join

Through Humana, those who qualify may be eligible for SIX MONTHS FREE access to Weight Watchers and discounted membership after the initial six-month period is over. Find out if you qualify by visiting opens in new window)  and using our organization ID 200000001, or by calling 1-800-4HUMANA (1-800-448-6262), and start getting healthier today!

We want to help you reach your goals, and the best way to be successful on Weight Watchers is to participate weekly – whether you choose a monthly pass for in-person meetings or use the online membership exclusively.

Weight Watchers in-person meetings

To retain your six-month free membership, you must attend a Weight Watchers meeting at a qualified location at least once every 30 days from the date you sign up. Qualified locations include all Weight Watchers retail centers and may or may not include meetings held at non-retail center locations like churches, community centers, or places of work (e.g. ‘At Work’ Weight Watchers Meetings). If you are unsure whether you are attending at a qualified location, please call 1-855-868-4540.

Weight Watchers OnlinePlus

To retain your six-month free Weight Watchers subscription, you must sign in to your Weight Watchers account (on your computer or mobile phone) and track a qualified activity at least once every 30 days from your sign-up date. Qualified activities include tracking weight, tracking food, and using the recipe builder. If you are unsure whether you are tracking activities appropriately, please call 1-855-868-4540.

Your Partner in Health,

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