Caregiver Newsletter Fall 2015

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Change your life! Feel the power

Reduce caregiver stress by recognizing that you’re in control of you. Try a few tips to help you take charge.

What’s on the menu?

Everyone needs healthy meals to be at his or her best physically and mentally. You can make them more enjoyable, too.

Get a flu shot to protect you and your loved ones

Get your flu shot early for a healthier holiday season, when flu cases peak. Make sure the person you care for has one, too.

Not catching enough z’s?

Not getting enough sleep can harm the well-being of the person you’re caring for. A sleep study may help.

Humana Hero

Each month, we share the story of one of Humana’s employees who is caring for a loved one. Meet Lisa, this month’s Humana Hero.

Lisa Cain and her husband recently celebrated a huge milestone: After three years, Brian was still cancer-free after being diagnosed and treated for stage 4 head/neck cancer in 2012. That was his first fight with cancer; he got a clean bill of health a few weeks after surgery for early stage kidney cancer in 2013.

“I was his primary caregiver both times, which involved a unique level of strength, love and support,” Lisa says. “I learned so much about myself through the process, and our relationship is stronger because we lived and fought through those experiences together. He’s my hero. I’m thankful every day that he chose to fight to be here.”

Lisa helps other caregivers as leader of Humana’s Caregiver Network Resource Group. One suggestion to them is to take care of themselves. “It’s often easier to focus all our attention on our loved ones’ needs because we care about them so much. But we can’t be everything we need to be for them if we aren’t eating or sleeping properly, or taking some down time now and then.”