Caregiver Newsletter

Summer 2015

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Humana Guidance Centers offer support for caregivers

You don’t need to be a Humana member to take part in caregiver classes, health and wellness seminars, or any of the other many services offered at no cost by our Guidance Centers.

Make sure you’re taking time to rest

It can be easy to overlook your needs when caring for someone else, but getting a good night’s sleep is important for your own health.

Helping communicate after a cancer diagnosis

Someone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer may be feeling overwhelmed or confused. Learn ways to help them communicate with others and find support.

Humana Hero

Humana Hero Scott

Each month, we share the story of one of Humana’s employees who is caring for a loved one. Meet Scott, this month’s Humana Hero.

Scott Menne is a son, husband, father, soccer coach, Humana associate and a caregiver. He’s been with Humana for ten years and works as a consultant in provider analytics to look at data to make sure the doctors in Humana’s provider network are efficient and work for the best outcomes.

Menne’s experience as a caregiver began after his estranged father had emergency surgery in March 2014. “I didn’t think I could do it,” he said. Menne says he began managing his father’s life: paying bills, taxes, doctor’s appointments, cleaning the house. During his caregiver journey, Scott himself became ill.

“I let go of myself and things I needed and became what others needed.” He now manages his father’s care with his sister and wife as a team, each with unique roles. He cites communication and the ability to ask for help as one of the best ways for caregivers to manage. “I stretched myself beyond my normal comfort to play the role and it brings me comfort knowing I’m helping my dad,” he said.