Caregiver Newsletter Winter 2015

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Advice and support when you need it

It’s good to know there’s someone to talk to when those you care for have medical questions or need to talk about a life experience.

Learn more about Humana services that can help.

New online tool available for Medicare members

Now there’s a new way Medicare members and those who help with their care can stay connected to helpful resources and their community.

Find out how the Humana Points of Care tool can help.

Humana Hero

Humana Hero

Each month, we share the story of one of Humana’s employees who is caring for a loved one. Meet Jennifer, this month’s Humana Hero.

Jennifer Karman has been a social service care manager with Humana At Home for a little over a year. She helps members by identifying needs they have—from paying bills to transportation and helps locate agencies and refers them to help the member.She’s a wife and an adoptive mother of two children with special needs. She sees many parallels to being a caregiver for people of any age.

“There are so many similarities with caregivers—parent or child. There’s common ground, they have similar struggles, she said. One of those she mentioned is difficult decisions—and how to manage the outcomes.” Her advice for caregivers is to have compassion. “We [caregivers] can be hard on ourselves, it’s really important to extend ourselves compassion. You will mess up. There will be days where you will not have a lot to give, but be present. That is the ebb and flow.”