Financial health

Financial health

Save, stretch, and worry less about money

Replace the stress of worrying about your bills with the joy of being able to afford a little rest and relaxation. Humana can’t offer you the secret to success or the winning numbers in the lottery, but with our resources and tips, you can find information on balancing expenses, taking advantage of savings opportunities, and stretching your current income.

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Have you lost your Advanced Premium Tax Credit?

This is the first tax season in which the Affordable Care Act is affecting many people’s tax returns.

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Calculate financial health

Successful budgeting

Find out what you can do to give your budget a check-up.

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Budgeting for healthcare

To help understand budgeting for healthcare, watch this short healthcare video. Take a look at your health and what it costs to protect it.

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Managing a healthy credit score

Your credit health

Having good credit health can put you on the road to financial success.

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Savings ahead

The road to financial health

Improve your financial fitness and reduce your stress with these helpful tips.

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Health insurance basics explained by agent

Understanding insurance concepts

Without a grasp on basic health insurance concepts, many Americans have difficulty with their coverage decisions.

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Invest in your health

Your financial health has an impact on your physical and mental health. Learn more about how it's all connected.

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Being prepared in case of a medical catastrophe

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. It's good advice that can help you deal with a medical catastrophe. Get some tips with this instructional video.

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Understanding medicare costs

There are some set costs for Medicare, but also some variations. Learn what you need to know with this instructional video.

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Healthcare glossary

Find medical and insurance terms.

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Stay on schedule with your shots

Adults need vaccinations, too. Know which you’re up to date on and which to avoid.

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Insurance 101

Learn the basics of insurance to get started on the right path.

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