Try a New Challenge on the HumanaVitality App

Add a healthy dose of competition to help you meet your fitness goals with the new Challenges feature on the HumanaVitality® App. Challenges are a fun way to reach your wellness goals while earning Vitality Points

What types of challenges are there?

There are currently two types of challenges available:

  1. Step Challenges use the data from your compatible fitness device that tracks steps
  2. Weight Loss Challenges use weight information that you sync from MyFitnessPal (link opens in new window) . Weight Challenges are based on percentage of weight lost and not pounds, so your weight will not be shown to other users.

How do I join or create a challenge?

To join an existing Challenge, tap Join Challenge, and then choose Sponsored or Community. Tap to search for an existing team on either the Sponsored or Community Challenges pages. Sponsored Challenges are created by HumanaVitality for our members to participate and enjoy. Community Challenges are only available through the mobile app, and allow you to create custom weight loss or step challenges to compete in beyond the Sponsored Challenges scheduled throughout the year. Start a new team with your co-workers or join an existing team!

When you join a team for a Sponsored Challenge, you’ll be able to track your team’s rank and how you stack up against your teammates. If you choose to join a team in a Community Challenge, a search bar will appear allowing you to search for a team or Challenge, based on the name of the Challenge or by keyword.

Humana Vitality Community Challenge App screen shot 1
Humana Vitality Community Challenge App screen shot 2

Want to start your own Challenge? From the Community Challenges, tap Create Challenge and then choose a Step Challenge or a Weight Loss Challenge. Choose a name for the challenge, a start date, and duration (options include 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months). Once you’ve created your Challenge, invite other HumanaVitality members to compete. See who can walk the most steps in day or lose the largest percentage of weight within your set time frame. The Challenge Leaderboard will let you know your rank and the progress you’ve made.

Humana Vitality Community Challenge App screen shot 3
Humana Vitality Community Challenge App screen shot 4

Challenges are a great way to get active and stay motivated! Earn 100 Vitality Points for one Challenge per month that you participate in.

Don’t have the HumanaVitality App? Download it today!

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