A Warm Welcome: LA Fitness

600+ New Gyms Added to Our Partner Health Club network

warm welcome la fitness

We're glad to help you Exercise Your Options® with LA Fitness, the newest HumanaVitality™ Partner Health Club! We're excited to increase the size of our Partner Health Club network by 600 facilities, giving HumanaVitality members more opportunities to earn Vitality Points™. Your perks of this new partnership include the following:

  • Reduced monthly fees for multi-state LA Fitness and "Signature" LA Fitness facilities
  • Waived enrollment fees for Signature and multi state clubs
  • Daily Vitality Points for visits to LA Fitness clubs, awarded within 24-48 hours
  • Nationwide access to all 600+ LA Fitness clubs (respective to the membership type; multi-state access members cannot visit Signature Clubs)

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The LA Fitness membership discount For HumanaVitality members is only accessible through the HumanaVitality secure website. Direct enrollment at an LA Fitness club location is discouraged. To access this discount:
  1. Sign into your HumanaVitality account
  2. Locate the nearest LA Fitness club using the participating health club locator tool
  3. Select "Earn Vitality Points at this club"
  • Existing LA Fitness members may take advantage of the discounted rate by canceling out of the existing membership and reenrolling through the LA Fitness link exclusively accessible on the HumanaVitality website.