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When you’re dealing with a health problem you need more than just a doctor’s prescription. See information related to your condition, and gain insight from Humana’s long history of helping to support people with a wide variety of illnesses, injuries, and long-term medical conditions. From answers to questions about treatment to stories from those who have been through similar experiences, you’ll find it here.

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The link between asthma and diabetes

These two health conditions may be connected

Seemingly unrelated illnesses can actually go hand in hand. Learn what asthma and diabetes are and how they might be linked.

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Obesity’s impact

The downside to obesity goes well beyond your waist size

As one of the fastest growing health issues, obesity puts you at risk for an array of other conditions. Discover what qualifies as obese and the link between this condition and others such as cancer, stroke and diabetes.

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The A, B, C’s of rheumatoid arthritis

Live life fully despite your RA

This inflammation of your joints can be serious, but rheumatoid arthritis (RA) doesn’t have to become an obstacle to living a full life. Knowing what RA is and how you can treat it is the key to managing this common condition. Find out how.

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Find medical and insurance terms.

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