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Humana helps Lisa get her asthma under control. Meet Lisa — a Humana member who was able to get the best health outcomes possible at the best value possible.


Humana helps Lisa get her asthma under control

Meet Lisa — a Humana member who was able to get the best health outcomes possible at the best value possible. Lisa's healthy living video

Lisa's healthy living video

ANNCR: Like a lot of people, Lisa has asthma. With help from medical professionals, she has learned how to keep it under control. But there was a time ... when she was really struggling. She was having to use her rescue inhaler almost daily, and was waking at night coughing. If something didn't change, and soon, she was headed for the hospital. Fortunately, Lisa got a call from a Humana Personal Nurse® and she confided in the nurse.

TITLE CARD: Sandy Personal Nurse

ANNCR: The Personal Nurse listened to everything Lisa had to say and offered some suggestions about things she could do differently.

Sandy told Lisa to register for MyHumana and she did. She went to and clicked on the little orange bar on the right side of the screen. Then, she typed in some basic information, clicked "next" ... chose a user name and a password and there she was ... on her own personal website with access to everything she needed. While she was on MyHumana, Lisa took Sandy's suggestion and went to the Asthma Center to get more information on her disease.

Over the next few months, Sandy and Lisa worked together, identifying triggers of attacks, and establishing Lisa's asthma action plan — avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital and saving a whole lot of money.

During one of their conversations, Lisa told Sandy that she planned to have knee surgery in the next several months. Sandy recommended that Lisa get online immediately and use the MyChoice Tools® to pick a doctor and hospital based on quality and cost.

After thinking about it, Lisa decided she didn't need to use the online tools or work with her Personal Nurse any more. She felt that she had everything under control and could take it from there herself.

Lisa chose her doctor based on the recommendation of a friend. The doctor wasn't in the Humana network, which ended up costing her big. She also chose the most expensive hospital in the area because she didn't use the MyChoice tools.

But there's more — Lisa didn't get the proper follow-up care after her surgery, including much-needed rehabilitation therapy. When all was said and done, Lisa had spent a small fortune on her surgery. She also had a less-than-satisfactory outcome, resulting in a lot of residual pain — and a lot of missed work. Where did Lisa go wrong? She should have chosen her doctor and hospital on MyHumana.

LISA: And that's exactly what I did. I trust my friends and all... but we're talking about my health. I went to MyChoice on MyHumana and used Physician Finder Plus to pick an in-network doctor. I couldn't believe it ... I was actually able to look up doctors and compare them right there on the screen.

There was a little MapQuest map that showed where they were located. I could see their hours, their phone numbers, email addresses and they had an online comparison that let me define how important things are when I choose a hospital — things like quality and safety practices, length of stay, how many knee surgeries they do a year, and what their complication rates are. I didn't even know you could get that kind of information. MyChoice really helped me make my choice.

The next time I talked to Sandy, she asked me about my plans for after the surgery. I told her I really didn't have any.

SANDY: Lisa had some challenges ahead and we had to think them through. I knew Lisa needed rehabilitation therapy. I also knew a lengthy stay in the hospital after her surgery was going to cost her a lot out-of-pocket. I decided to get one of our Case Managers involved.

ANN: I work inside the hospital. My focus is on inpatient stays. Sandy got me up to speed on Lisa's case, and I was able to arrange a transfer to a rehabilitation therapy facility.

LISA: Ann got me out of the hospital quickly after my surgery and into rehab. She even got me set up with a ride home because I couldn't drive myself. I didn't used to believe in all that rehab stuff — I thought if I just walked around on it ... it would all take care of itself. Boy, I'm a believer now.

I got my asthma under control, got back on my feet faster, and my bills were much less than they could have been. Sandy and Ann went the extra mile for me and it's made a big difference in my life.

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