Colon cancer can be treated

Anyone can get colon cancer. However, it is one of the most easy-to-treat cancers if it is found early. That's why getting tested is suggested if you're 50 or older.1 The American Cancer Society says that preventing colon cancer is a big reason to get tested: "Having their polyps found and removed keeps some people from getting colorectal cancer." Take the time to get a routine test now.

Ways to get tested

Most people over 50 should get regular colon cancer tests, no matter your family history.

An easy testing option is a home test kit:

  • Takes only a few minutes once a year.
  • Needs no prescription or special steps.
  • Can be taken at home.

You can get a colonoscopy instead

A colonoscopy is a colon cancer test that you can get every 10 years.1 Your doctor can help you choose which test may be right for you and how often you have to take it.

Know your family history

The American Cancer Society says you may have a higher risk of colon cancer if someone in your family has had it. Because of this, you may need to be tested more often. Ask your doctor how often you should get tested if someone in your family has had colon cancer.

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