Pulmonary rehab for people with COPD

Breathing well. It’s central to health. It’s vital for life.

Pulmonary rehab for people with COPD

When you have Chronic Obstructed Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, you may have times when your breathing and coughing symptoms suddenly get worse and stay that way. These attacks are COPD exacerbations, or flare-ups. Pulmonary rehabilitation trains you how to breathe well, so you can better control symptoms, help prevent future flare-ups and lead your active life.

What is pulmonary rehab?

Pulmonary rehab is a program of exercise, education and support that helps you learn to breathe your best. During your sessions you’ll work with a team of healthcare professionals who will help you improve your ability to do everyday tasks. You will also learn how to manage your COPD to help you be healthier and more active after you complete the program.

How does it help?

Pulmonary rehab helps you breathe better and more easily by:

  • Teaching you about flare-up triggers, early signs of infection and when to seek treatment
  • Showing you breathing techniques to help with daily symptoms
  • Offering a professional partner to help you exercise, including both cardio and strength training
  • Sharing information on treatment options and medicines like inhalers and oxygen therapy
  • Providing tips on healthy choices like eating well and quitting smoking

Breathe better. Live better.

Pulmonary rehab will not reverse the damage to your lungs from COPD. But it can help you feel better and make it easier to do daily activities such as dressing, shopping, walking or spending time with loved ones.

COPD affects different people differently. Only you and your healthcare team can decide on the pulmonary rehabilitation approach that’s right for you.

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