Learn about the different types of diabetes and their symptoms, find out about treatment options and prevention strategies and get tips for living well with the condition.

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Understanding diabetes

Learn all about diabetes, what puts you at risk, and how you can manage the condition.

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Healthy meal for good health

Living Well with Diabetes: You Can Do It!

You can manage diabetes and stay well with this simple four-step approach.

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Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Learn about the risk factors for type two diabetes and what you can do to keep the condition from developing.

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Losing weight can help control diabetes

Diabetes and Weight Loss: True or False

Learn how weight loss helps in managing your diabetes, and get tips on how to shed the pounds.

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A Humana Medicare member tests his blood glucose level as his daughter looks on

Diabetes and Alzheimer's linked

Find out how these conditions may be connected and what it means for prevention.

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Using an inhaler

Asthma and Diabetes: is there a link?

Read up on studies showing how these two chronic conditions may be connected.

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