Make your children’s teeth brushing time a fun time

Instill good dental hygiene in children

You know that your children need to brush their teeth. It is the most important thing they can do to protect their smiles. But it can be hard to get your children to brush their teeth every day.

Many parents think their children brush their teeth regularly. But those parents may be wrong. recently reported on a study done in Brazil. The study showed that children brushed their teeth far less than what their parents thought.

Those results would probably be the same with American parents. No matter where you live, children don't really want to brush their teeth. So, is there any way to get your kids to brush more?

The answer is, "yes." You just have to find a way to make brushing teeth more fun.

Tips for making your children brush more often

Brushing teeth doesn't have to be something your child hates to do every day. You can help your child by making brushing fun. You can also show your children how to brush correctly.

Today, there are lots of fun toothbrushes and toothpaste options for kids. These can increase your child's excitement for brushing. And there are plenty more ways, too. The website,, offers several ways to make brushing more enjoyable for kids. Here are just a few:

  • Make brushing teeth fun. Make it seem like brushing is a fun thing to do rather than a chore. Buy your child a fun and colorful toothbrush and get started.
  • Let your children brush your teeth. Show your kids that teeth brushing can be fun by letting them brush your teeth. Then, let them brush their own teeth. Finish your activity by brushing your child's teeth.
  • Have your child brush their favorite doll's teeth before you brush theirs. Brushing teeth can be a part of playtime. Your child can pretend to brush his or her doll's teeth. But remember to regularly give your kids the chance to brush their own teeth. Then, follow up by brushing their teeth correctly.
  • Use only a pea-size amount of toothpaste on your child's toothbrush. Larger amounts of toothpaste can be difficult for kids to handle. It creates too much foam for their smaller mouths.
  • Be careful of the toothpaste you use. Many types of toothpaste contain strong flavors that adults may not notice. But for smaller children, those flavors can sting their mouths. Buy your children toothpaste that's made for kids.
  • Tell your children when they do a good job. Praise your kids every time they do a good job brushing their teeth.
  • Don't forget the fluoride. In addition to brushing, children need to be on fluoride supplementation either through the drinking water (usually automatic if using city water) or orally (if using a well). You should speak with your child's doctor about this.

Follow these simple steps and your children may start brushing their teeth more. When children have fun, they'll brush their teeth more. Then, visits to the dentist may end up being more fun, too.

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