Eat with the seasons

How do we really know that what we buy (and eventually eat) is actually good for us?

A good rule is to eat what’s in season.1 By following when fruits, vegetables and spices naturally grow, it’s likely we’ll eat foods that taste good, are healthier and may save money.

Out-of-season food items often mean that produce is not at its best. That means, you do not get as many vitamins and minerals from the food as you could. It Is also bad for the earth. That’s mainly because it’s been shipped from far away or grown in a greenhouse. To get the most out of food – and save the planet while you’re at it - make your menu a seasonal one. Here are a few ways to do it.

Know what you buy

The hard part of buying food in season is that it depends on where you are. A seasonal ingredient map shows you what produce to buy right now near you. Just click on your state, and it shows you a list of what’s growing in your area. You get cooking tips and recipe ideas for each fruit and veggie, too!

Grow your own

Once you know what’s in season, why not plant your own garden? Ask the experts at your local nursery or other garden center for tips and tricks. They’re usually more than happy to help.

Join a CSA

Community Supported Agriculture programs, or CSAs, are another great way to eat with the seasons. When you buy in to a CSA, you’re given bags of fruits and veggies filled with whatever produce is growing at that time. Being part of a CSA means you’ll support local farmers in your area who grow produce organically. That means there will be no GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in your food. You may get some items that you may not be used to cooking with, which is part of the fun!

Not ready to grow your own garden?

Start with herbs. They’re easier to grow and help you get in the habit of taking care of plants. House plants work, too (and they’re hard to kill!).

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