Going Green with Humana

Go green

Find out how you can go green with your Humana plan and help plant a tree in the process. Also find out about Humana's other "green" endeavors.

Here's some of what Humana's doing to help the environment. Some may not apply to you directly, but know we're making the effort on many fronts. Humana's green initiatives include:


Giving you the opportunity to make a change that will grow into a difference. Switch to e-mail communications and Humana will donate to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree. Together, we can help replant our nation's forests. It's easy!

How to switch to e-mail communications:

  1. Register or log in to MyHumana
  2. Select "My Profile" at the top of the page
  3. Select "My Communications Preferences" and choose to receive your communications through e-mail


Humana encourages bicycling through two programs:


B-cycle, a bike-sharing program that meets communities' transportation, health, and environmental needs. The program adapts to any size city, corporation, or campus. B-cycle is a collaboration between three major players in three industries: Humana, Trek Bicycle Corporation, and Crispin Porter + Bogusky.


With RightSourceRxSM, Humana's prescription home-delivery service by mail, you can save money on medications while helping the environment. To find out more, log on to RightSourceRx.com.

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