Healthy Fall Activities

Sleeping woman

Fall is the perfect time to get moving with your family—if you get active during the fall weather you’ll have formed a healthy habit to carry you well into the chilly winter months. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Find your Park: Discover local park trails and plan a family nature walk. Enjoy the sounds and smells of the season (crunchy leaves! trees and flowers). Being out in nature can improve your mood—cooler months are perfect for “green therapy”.
  • Eat seasonally: When it comes to produce, more matters. Find a local farmers market and stock up on the freshest fruits and vegetables your local farms have to offer. Or, get your daily steps while picking locally grown produce at a local apple orchard. This list of local fruit and vegetable farms also includes a list of upcoming US Fruit Festivals.
  • Look before you latte: As temperatures dip, hot tea and coffee can have great health benefits. Grab your favorite cup, just be mindful of the cream and sugar content in your fall beverages.
  • Yards of Fun: Picking up leaves can be a fun family workout with the bending and lifting involved in yard work. Challenge the little ones to see who can fill their bags up with the most leaves (and turn some of those leaves into a fun craft project). All that fun outside, and you may forget you’re exercising!
  • Fall Back (to sleep). That extra hour of sleep you can get during the daylight savings time change counts! Take advantage of the shorter days by getting a better night’s sleep. Check out our Well Rested Pinterest board for more tips on getting better zzz’s this fall.

For more Fall inspiration, check out our Pinterest and Tumblr, for healthy family-friendly ideas. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather while it lasts!

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