To Do: Create a Healthier Workplace

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Does your workday include 40+ hours, hunched over a computer with a small break for lunch at your desk? Focusing on work can make the day zip by, and make it hard to remember that spending all day behind your computer can be unhealthy. Here are some common bad workplace habits and some healthier habits to replace them:

Cube Woes

How you sit at your desk can impact your work and performance. Stay comfortable with proper office ergonomics—adjust your chair height so that feet are flat on the floor and your knees and arms are at a 90-degree angle. Make sure the top edge of your computer screen is even with your eyes, angling the screen upward towards your eyes. If you have a way to walk and work at the same time—maybe with a treadmill desk—even better!

Take a Stand

Some tasks require your full attention while seated—sometimes there’s no getting around that. But don’t forget that breaks are essential for your overall health and mental wellbeing. Get out from behind your desk! Try holding a walking meeting to change things up and get your 10,000 steps. Create breaks for yourself—if your office allows it, schedule workouts on your calendar so that you can prioritize them as you would a work-related meeting. By taking the time for yourself, your work may improve as a result!

Unhealthy Snacking/Skipping Lunch

Working hard is admirable, but waiting too long to eat—or worse, skipping lunch—is a common practice that can lead to unhealthy habits and an unbalanced diet, driven solely by convenience. Step away from the vending machine, and take a walk to the nearest grocery store. Stock up on healthy snacks to tide you over if you need to keep cranking on an assignment. Or schedule time to step away from your desk and take a full lunch break where you can get some fresh air and some sun. Your body will return energized and grateful for the mental break.

What are some healthy habits that you’ve brought to the workplace?


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