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Need help with your fitness device, goal-setting, or finding more ways to earn Vitality Points®? Get help when you need it by joining the HumanaVitality® community! We’ve created a forum for you to easily connect directly with HumanaVitality and one another to share tips, ask support-related questions and talk about your health journey.

Here’s what you can do on the HumanaVitality Community:

  • Get the latest news and updates about HumanaVitality
  • Ask questions and quickly get answers from dedicated customer care specialists and fellow community members. No more waiting on the phone!
  • Share feedback on how we can make HumanaVitality even better
  • Find interest groups customized to your wellness interests
  • Get inspired with healthy recipes, articles, videos and more

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Successful weight loss strategies

Successful weight loss strategies

Slim-down successfully by setting realistic goals and making your weight-loss journey an enjoyable trip.

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Read between the lines

Read between the lines

How you sleep, eat, and relax can impact your skin. Learn how to keep it looking youthful.

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Celebrate 100 birthdays or more

Celebrate 100 birthdays – or more!

Yes, you can live to 100! Age healthily by eating well, exercising, and avoiding things that hurt your life expectancy.

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