Learn and Earn: What's Your Health I.Q?

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HumanaVitality® and the Health IQ app are working together to make learning about health and well-being rewarding and fun! By downloading the app, connecting to the HumanaVitality Mobile App, and then taking a Daily Health Quiz, you have the chance to earn two Vitality Points per day (max 730 Vitality Points per plan year)

What Health IQ does for you:

  • Power up your personal health knowledge and awareness—the app features 20,000+ health questions on over 300+ topics
  • Find questions and answers approved by doctors, trainers, yogis, and other leading experts
  • Health IQ users can gain a higher understanding about wellness, which may lead to healthier living.

How can I earn Vitality Points?

  1. Download the Health IQ app and create a log in
  2. Sign into the HumanaVitality Mobile App, tap Milestone 
  3. Select Daily Health Quiz, and connect your Health IQ account

The daily quiz activity will appear as a daily moment in the Milestones tab. Be sure to answer all the questions in the quiz to earn Vitality Points.

Get smart about your health with the Health IQ app! Don’t have the HumanaVitality App? Download it today!

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