HumanaVitality Helps Family Focus on Health

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Listen to a member explain how HumanaVitality keeps her whole family fit and engaged in their well-being.


HumanaVitality Helps Family Focus on Health

I am a fitness fanatic. Every time you see me at the gym you will see me wearing my Polar heart rate monitor. That heart rate monitor is always with me. I think it’s actually made a permanent mark, right where I wear it (laughs). I just achieved Platinum status and it wasn’t an easy task because I have three additional adult family members on my policy.

I had to get my husband engaged and I also had to get my two daughters engaged. I believe that the choices that my children will make through the impact of HumanaVitality will stick with them. The behaviors that they’re learning throughout this program and what they can do to improve the quality of their own life is going to stay with them.

It’s not just strapping on a pedometer and putting down the donuts, it really helps individuals identify where they can make those changes and then how they can continue to make those changes. HumanaVitality has helped me to continue on this journey of being healthy and actually encouraged me to make the difference and to stay with it.

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