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Amazon®, Macy’s®, Apple®, Target®—the HumanaVitality® Mall has something for everyone! Getting active and staying fit are even more enticing when you can earn Vitality Points™ to redeem rewards. The HumanaVitality Mall has plenty of perks beyond our most popular gift cards. Whether you’re spending Vitality Bucks®, your own money, or a mix of both--here are 10 great rewards to consider:

Not all HumanaVitality members have Vitality Bucks. Members should check their specific program for details.

  1. Movie Certificates:
    Use your rewards to enjoy your favorite blockbuster. You can conveniently print your movie certificate from a home computer. And best of all, each movie certificate is valid for one admission (up to a $12 total value) to see any movie showing at any participating theater.
  2. Trek:
    Ride more and get healthy with Trek® bikes and accessories. From car racks to high performance road bikes, there's something for new and experienced cyclists alike.
  3. Devices:
    Reward yourself with a gift that keeps giving—visit the HumanaVitality Mall for pedometers, heart rate monitors, and accessories that you can use to earn even more Vitality Points!
  4. The Biggest Loser Resort:
    Their five-point path to wellness has helped thousands of people transform their lives. Learn from the best with 25% off the standard weekly rate. Each participating resort features a unique and motivating atmosphere that adds to your weight loss experience. Visit the HumanaVitality Mall to learn more about each location.
  5. Life Fitness Equipment:
    Prefer working out at home? Members who are looking to buy workout equipment can enjoy 20% off the entire Life Fitness® site. From treadmills to weight machines, the HumanaVitality Mall has plenty of options to make you feel great about making those habits stick.
  6. Sprint:
    HumanaVitality® members can save on new service and by taking advantage of the Sprint® Discount Program. Receive discounted prices on select regularly priced Sprint monthly services. Simply purchase your phone, monthly service plan and accessories from the Cash tab in the HumanaVitality Mall. Learn more about program details and exceptions in the HumanaVitality Mall.
  7. Seattle Sutton meal delivery:
    Trying to focus on nutrition and balanced eating? Take the guesswork out of eating right with discounts on Seattle Sutton's® convenient freshly prepared meal delivery service. Prepared with the finest ingredients, their vast array of food appeals to even the pickiest eater.
  8. HumanaVitality Gear and Apparel:
    Workout in style with branded HumanaVitality apparel and fitness accessories including yoga mats, hand weights and more.
  9. Competitor Group Races, including the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series:
    Maybe this is the year you conquer the mighty half-marathon! From Arizona to Vancouver, HumanaVitality members get $15 off race entry on participating Competitor Group Races—from the Humana sponsored Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series® to the TriRock Triathlon Series®.
  10. Give Vitality Bucks to Charity:
    Giving feels good! Help change a life by donating your Vitality Bucks to American Cancer Society®, Feeding America®, American Red Cross®, or the American Heart Association®. Every donation counts--visit the HumanaVitality Mall to learn more about our participating charities.

What Mall perks motivate you to reach your goals?

HumanaVitality benefits may vary by plan.

Some Humana Individual plans do not include HumanaVitality. Check the benefit summary of the plan for more details.

The HumanaVitality information described here is not intended for, and should not be relied on, in connection with Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug plans.

HumanaVitality is not an insurance product and not available in some states or territories. May not be offered with some plans.

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