Look good at any age – a guide for the guys

The days when being a guy meant not paying attention to things like skincare and healthy eating are long over. Today, more men are focusing on how to look their best and keep looking good as they get older. What are some things you must do if you want to look and feel your best through the years? Read on to find out.

Put skincare at the top of your list

Gentlemen: Moisturizing is not just for your wives and girlfriends. Your skin needs it, too. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face to remove oil and dirt. And make sure you put on a face lotion (preferably one with an SPF of at least 15) to hydrate your skin and help prevent dryness and wrinkles. You may also want to exfoliate at least once a week with a facial scrub or a product containing AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) to remove dead skin cells and clean out pores.

Remember to use sunscreen

You know it’s important to use sunscreen. It reduces your risk of skin cancer and helps your skin stay looking young. But the fact is, most men don’t use sunscreen on a daily basis. If you want to prevent premature wrinkles and age spots, sunscreen is the most important thing you can use every day.

Don’t skimp on sleep

Do you skip sleep to fit in everything you need to get done at work and at home? If you constantly get less sleep than you need, the effects will show up on your face. Plus not getting enough zzz’s can affect your health in other ways. Lack of sleep of been linked to all kinds of health problems, from gaining weight to heart disease to diabetes.

Try to find ways to schedule more time for sleep, even if that means shifting around deadlines at work or cutting out time-wasters at home (like spending too much time on Facebook or watching TV, for example).

Feed your body right

What you eat has a big impact on how you look. Be sure to include plenty of foods that are good for your skin, like omega-3 powerhouses salmon, tuna, and mackerel, as well as nuts and flax seeds. Get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. Eating well will not only help you look good, but will help you feel good and maintain a healthy weight.

And if you want to look good at any age, it’s probably a good idea to cut down on the amount of sugar you eat. Sugar may damage collagen and elastin, which is what helps keep skin firm and smooth.

Get moving

Regular exercise is not only important for your health, it can help you stay looking good, too. Be sure to get some cardiovascular workouts, like running or boxing into your routine as well as weight-training workouts that strengthen muscles. When you include fitness into your regular routine, you are less likely to be overweight and will have toned muscles, which will all contribute to a better-looking you.

Cut down the stress

How you feel can also play a big role in how you look. Stress, and its cousins depression and anxiety, have been linked to conditions that can affect how you look, like problems with skin, hair, and nails. Stress can make skin more sensitive, and can make skin problems like eczema or psoriasis much worse. And there’s also some suspicion that one of the factors that make hair turn gray faster is stress (hence the “before” and “after” photos of U.S. presidents who appear much grayer after they became president than before).

Stop smoking

For men today, who want to look their best at whatever age, staying healthy is key.

As you probably know, smoking is linked to a number of serious health problems, from cardiovascular disease to cancer. But it can also have a major effect on your appearance. The chemicals in tobacco can cause wrinkles, and needless to say, yellowed and stained teeth aren’t exactly attractive either.

For men today, who want to look their best at whatever age, staying healthy is key.

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