National Recreation and Park Association is a Breath of Fresh Air

nrpa fresh air

Are you on the hunt for something to do that's fun, healthy, and affordable?

National Recreation and Park Association, or the NRPA, is your answer. It's available in almost every town, city, and community, at little or no cost to you.1

Get out there!

Just imagine getting outside, in nature. Breathing in the fresh air. Getting the kind of exercise that is so fun, you forget it's exercise. Then, when you're hungry, you grab yourself a healthy snack. It's something you can do by yourself just to let off some steam. Or bring your family and friends to make an afternoon, a day, or even a weekend out of it.

Helping to reduce childhood obesity

With obesity on the rise, especially in children, the NRPA welcomes the new Healthy Eating, Physical Activity standards, or HEPA. Nutrition and physical activities are proven to help reduce obesity in children, which is a top priority for NRPA.2

You might not feel you can make a difference for everyone else on this issue, but you can make a difference with your kids and your kids' friends by inviting them to come along to your local national park.

With "Commit to Health," the NRPA is letting our communities know they're working hard to make a difference and asking people to "commit to health." According to the NRPA website, "having a safe place [for children] to go after school, being active, and eating healthy are rights, not privileges."2

Good for everyone

The National Recreation and Park Association wants to help all people get healthier. They're focused on helping people get healthier food and enjoying more physical activities. It's a difficult task but it's working in Montgomery County, Alabama, named the Most Obese County in 2010, dropped to 15th place by 2012, where NRPA has worked hard to help people participate in more healthy activities and eating habits.1

Overall, the National Recreation and Park Association offers a wide range of activities that are helping people become healthier. According to their website, "Through facilities, outdoor settings, and services provided, [NRPA supports] good health for people of all abilities, ages, socio-economic backgrounds, and ethnicities."3

The NRPA is trying to:

  • Help reduce obesity by helping people get more physical exercise.
  • Help people connect with nature more, which has proven to lower stress, improve relationships, and mental health.
  • Help reduce hunger in America by offering healthier food options.
  • Help people become healthier overall, and encourage healthy habits.3

The healthy answer to boredom

So the next time you're trying to decide what to do, get up off the couch! Grab your friends and your family and head to the great outdoors. Get a healthy dose of all that nature has to offer. You'll find it all at a National Recreation and Park Association location. To learn more and find a location near you, visit