Sleep Diary on the HumanaVitality App

Wellness goes beyond staying active and eating balanced meals. Now you can earn Vitality Points for getting a good night’s rest by setting a sleep diary Milestone with the HumanaVitality® App.

Here’s how to get started:

Once you’ve signed into the app, tap Connect from the Dashboard and choose a fitness device from the available list (a Fitbit or Jawbone is required to track sleep at this time).

Sleep screen shot 1
Sleep screen shot 2

After you’ve connected a compatible fitness device, you are ready to set a Milestone. Tap Milestones from the Dashboard, and then Add a Milestone. From there, choose Sleep Diary.

Sleep screen shot 3
Sleep screen shot 4

Once you’ve connected your fitness device and set your milestone, wear your device as normal and sleep for seven (or more) hours each night to earn five Vitality Points a day!

Don’t have the HumanaVitality App? Download it today!

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