Checking on your claims

It’s easy to see how you use your Humana plan. Wondering what the status of a claim is? Want to know how much out of pocket cost you have for that visit to the doctor? Don’t stress about it. Just log-in to MyHumana and view your claims history, coverage and spending.

Log-in to view your claims now(link opens in new window) 

What is a claim?

According to, it is a request for payment that you or your health care provider (such as a doctor, or hospital) submits to your health insurance when you receive items or services you think are covered.

Step by step: How to view your claims on your computer

1. Log-in to your MyHumana account from This will bring you to your own personal dashboard.


2. Once you’ve logged in, select ‘Coverage, Claims and Spending’ then select ‘Claims’ from the dropdown list. Here you can also view your coverage, learn more about your benefits, and even pay a bill.

Claims Form Screenshot 02

3. Once you’ve selected claims, you will be taken to a page that breaks down your plan. If you have more than one Humana plan, select the appropriate tab to view that plan's claims.

4. After you select the correct plan you can see what your plan covers, the total of the discounts you receive, and how much you have paid.

5. You also have the option download your claims into a spreadsheet.

Claims Form Screenshot 03

6. Once on the claims page you can view specific detail on that claim. Things like how much your doctor billed, what Humana paid, and what you would need to pay on that particular claim.

Claims Form Screenshot 04 Old
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