Why Humana Vitality

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Listen to some great reasons why you should start participating in HumanaVitality® today.

Why Humana Vitality

ANNCR (VO): Now, Humana members get rewards for getting healthier.

MICKEY (VO): Why do I lift?

MICKEY (VO): I lift to stay strong.

MICKEY (VO): And to lower my Vitality Age.

MAGGIE (VO): Why do I walk?

MAGGIE (VO): I walk to get in shape.

MAGGIE (VO): And to get Vitality Points.

ANNCR: HumanaVitality is a wellness program just for Humana members.

ANNCR: It rewards you for making healthy choices.

ANNCR: Now, when you exercise or eat right, you earn Vitality Points.

ANNCR: To get started, go to HumanaVitality.com and get your Vitality Age.

ANNCR: It takes just a few minutes.

ANNCR: Then you can start to earn Vitality Points you can redeem for all kinds of great rewards.

LYLE (VO): Why do I eat Brussels sprouts?

LYLE (VO): For a digital camera to take pictures of these little "sprouts".

MAGGIE (VO): Why do I walk?

MAGGIE (VO): To get walking shoes for when I go strolling with my little guy.

MICKEY (VO): Why do I lift?

MICKEY (VO): I’m earning Vitality Points to take my family on vacation. I lift for them.

ANNCR: Go to HumanaVitality.com to get your Vitality Age.

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